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Bronze Famous Lucifer Sculpture Handmade Figurine Art Decoration Gifts

Our statuettes come in all kinds of different types, like this very famous devil figure in Greek mythology, this little statuette, below is a square black base, Lucifer is sitting on a stone with his legs crossed , Huge bat-like wings surrounding it, Lucifer’s head has three horns, and the details on statuette’s chest are also very delicate and very powerful muscles. Lucifer statuette rested her elbows on her legs, resting her cheeks as if thinking about something. The exterior of this statuette is cast in bronze. Gives a delicate sheen.



His astonishing sculptural installations explore pain and human folly in passionate tandems that deserve a second look. His work combined death with religious imagery, depicting human figures on the verge of destruction and death that disrupted the cultural imagination. Noteworthy work is a sculpture of a winged Lucifer, which is just a means of expression to spread and deify religion, in order to show the good and evil of human beings more intuitively and understandably to the ignorance of the feudal ruling dynasty at that time. The people, with God showing goodness and Satan being evil, talk about the religious thought that evil cannot overcome righteousness, and that good will be rewarded. Lucifer is a symbol of God’s evil thoughts. It was imposed on Lucifer on the grounds that it was not his own subjective consciousness, and was eventually deteriorated and abandoned. It was also expressed as Lucifer’s own evil thoughts.


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