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bronze elephant statues for home decor animal sculpture

It is very suitable to be placed in a home with a gorgeous decoration style, and there are elephant statues for home decor with a beautiful meaning. Its overall image is based on the Thai elephant, which can also be seen from its gorgeous decoration. Although the size is small. But the details of every part are exquisitely cast. There is a patterned cushion on the back, a drop-shaped pinna on the big ears, and a long nose with a gourd, which adds a touch of playfulness to the elephant statues for home decor.



elephant statues for home decor symbolize honor, sacredness, and dignity in Thailand. The white elephant is the most precious elephant in Thailand. The so-called white elephants are not all white. Elephants with golden, silver, green, and light red complexions are called white elephants. In fact, it was foreigners who mistakenly translated “Ruixiang” as “White Elephant”, and it has been inherited in this way over time. Thailand is also known as the “White Elephant Kingdom”. Therefore, elephant statues for home decor are also very popular in gift exchanges between countries. Much Thai folklore, literary works, paintings, elephant statues for home decor, and even proverbs are related to elephants. The image of elephants can be seen everywhere in Thailand, especially the various and lifelike elephants carved from teak wood. It is the most distinctive handicraft in Thailand. It is said that when the King of Thailand and the Queen visited 14 European countries in 1960, the gifts presented to these heads of state were also teak carved elephants. Of course, bronze elephant statues for home decor are also customized by a lot of people.


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