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bronze cute squirrel figurine animal sculpture home decoration

A squirrel is such a cute creature in the forest like an elf. If you want to keep its cuteness, you can customize the squirrel figurine. This little squirrel has its limbs tightly on the big pine cones, small The claws can see its force. The big tail stood up in the air like a parachute, and the little squirrel opened its small mouth and its eyes were very energetic. The squirrel figurine is not only the furry fur of the squirrel but also the lines on the pine cones, which are vivid and vivid. Add a touch of cuteness to your home environment.



Bronze squirrel figurine is a kind of animal sculpture, it will often appear in the garden, because the squirrel itself lives in the forest, dragging its furry tail, holding a big pine nut, and its cute shape becomes the bronze sculpture. For one part, the copper squirrel figurine that is generally cast will not be too large, because it will violate the prototype of the squirrel itself. Generally, there are more small and medium copper squirrel figurines. Small copper squirrels are used as decorative crafts and exist in the garden, like garbage In places such as barrels, street lamps, etc., medium-sized copper squirrels will be cast into independent individuals. Some are holding pine nuts in their hands, some are playing in small groups on the lawn, and some copper squirrels will be placed on commercial streets because of squirrels. The cute shape will win the hearts of many children. When casting a copper squirrel sculpture, you must pay attention to highlighting the squirrel’s tail. When carving it, you must be careful to show the fluffy feeling of the copper squirrel tail. If you want better To show the image of the copper squirrel, you must paint the surface with color, usually brown, to add a bright spot to the overall copper squirrel figurine.


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