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bronze cowboy figurine man and horse sculpture Home decoration

Western cowboys that often appear in movies have become the admiration of many people. If you want to choose a meaningful desktop decoration, this cowboy figurine will become the first choice. On the lawn base, a horse is supported. The horse’s hind legs jump up and the horse’s head is lowered. The imposing and full-body dress on the horse fits the image of a cowboy. Pulling the horse by the reins, very handsome. The overall cowboy figurine is brownish-yellow, revealing the unique gloss of bronze.



The image of a cowboy figurine was born in the United States and became popular all over the world. The resulting cowboy culture has a wide and far-reaching influence. It has become a cultural symbol widely recognized by Americans and is deeply integrated into American spiritual life. The masculine, mighty and simple chivalrous side of the cowboy figurine has been fully displayed, including the denim scarf, plaid shirt, and wide-brimmed hat taken from the cowboy, which is still active in the forefront of fashion. People give it the meaning of “freedom and independence”, “sexy and charming”, and “dare to take risks”. The cowboy figurine shows the spirit of individualism in the United States. Cowboys are a typical representative of the Westward Movement. They are brave and lonely, walking alone on the desolate western grasslands, overcoming obstacles, thinking for themselves, and making decisions for themselves. It is American individualism. The fullest publicity.



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