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Bronze Classical Statue Bronze Male Hunter And Prey Sculpture Home Decoration

There are many youths with strange stories in ancient Greek sculptures and myths. Each youth can be customized into a figurine to become a work of art to decorate modern life. Of course, this figurine is also a handsome young man, and his lower body is wrapped in cloth. Tiao, holding a vine in the right hand and a wounded eagle in the left hand, our God is so compassionate, cherishes every young man named first, and his eyes are also very loving, this is the professional foundation of the sculptor’s art Where this figurine is also available as a collectible. We have more figurines of ancient Greek characters that can be customized for you.



In ancient Greece, people love the beauty of nudity. Greece has been advocating strength and beauty since ancient times, and what can better reflect strength and beauty than the body? Due to the different postures of the human body, the muscles are moved up or down, contracted or stretched, or tightened or relaxed, and extreme research has been carried out, especially on the face and abdominal muscles. Therefore, in the figurines of today’s European literary and artistic periods, the body muscle lines and abdominal muscles in the male figurines are perfectly presented, which is amazing and even unimaginable. Many works of art in Europe originate from the ancient myths of hope, and the figures in these myths are mostly naked or half-naked. Although the rise of the Renaissance brought Europe into a new world of artistic civilization, some figurines are still based on ancient Greek mythology. The expression of characters often emphasizes “human strength and beauty”, which is deeply influenced by the ancient hope culture.


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