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bronze Chubby Woman Abstract Fat Female Classical Figurines Home Decoration

In this era when everyone pursues thinness as beauty, fatness is actually a unique beauty, and there are not many people who can appreciate this beauty, but we hope that everyone will accept the difference between people. This figurine is very meaningful. On a square black table, a fat woman stands on one foot in the air, showing a skating posture. Her pursuit of life has surpassed her figure and is unique in everyone’s eyes. Everyone can have their own love and pursuit of sports and dance. As long as it is love, it is worthy of respect. This figurine is also an encouragement in a unique way



An interesting soul is not limited to anything, it can be a pen, a painting, a person, or even a fat woman. Maybe they don’t have a beautiful face or a bumpy figure, and they don’t have envious eyes they go to, but they have a “blessed” smile, which can infect others and bring happiness to others. They can also stand. On the stage, the statuette dances lightly jumps happily and lives a wonderful life. In this series of works, the huge body occupies the entire field of vision, giving people a strong visual impact. The pictures form a huge challenge to the beauty of women in social ideals and observe women’s bodies from a new perspective. In Western oil paintings and statuettes in the history of art, many times women are plump. They are all inflated like inflated, he wants to express the beauty and plasticity brought by volume.


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