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bronze bull figurine buffalo sculpture animal home decor

There are also many stories about animals. This bull figurine shows a vivid battle scene. One bull was fighting with the other bear, and the bull threw the bear to the ground fiercely. Its hind legs are also exerting force, sculpting the leg muscle lines clearly. And the bear is also biting Bull’s neck. The static bronze figurines showed a fierce battle scene. It is good to work. Fighting endlessly, this bull figurine has a different meaning for everyone. Putting it at home can also bring a different atmosphere.



Bull figurine’s iconic fluid style includes simple lines and fluid forms, depicting movement and emotion, and perfectly captures the essence of the theme of the small sculptures. Where possible, carefully observe and study in the natural environment. The theme of the exquisite bronze wild animal bull figurine, this process allows the artists to remove redundant details without losing accuracy and focus on capturing the spirit of the animal through low-key movements and suggestions. “Nature is a spectacle and a delightful observation. Through the artist’s bull figurine, I am committed to further connect with wild animals and capture the characteristics of my subject. When carving, I feel that I am interacting with the spirit of the animal. Interact and feel that it is subtle movements and hints in body language.”


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