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bronze brothers statue figure sculpture friend gift

Many times our friendship needs a carrier to commemorate. Our brothers figurine is a customizable existence. This brothers figurine is customized according to the characters. It is cast in bronze and has a glossy appearance. It is a retro reddish-brown color. Brothers figurine shows a pair of brothers, all dressed in suits and bow ties, very gentlemen. One holds a book in his hand, the other has his brother in his arms. The facial depiction of the brothers figurine figures is exquisite. Brothers figurine can be a gift or souvenir of friendship.



Modern figures are a form of representation in brothers figurine. In modern times, it is of educational significance to express celebrities and representatives in the form of sculpture. It is educational on the one hand, and a value embodiment of modern brothers figurine art on the other. Figure sculpture inherits past and present. In historical figure sculpture, portrait sculpture can be said to be the soul of ancient figure sculpture. In ancient figure sculpture, the details of the portrait are the most classic. The production process of brothers figurine mainly uses figures as templates, uses copper materials to melt the meaning, and then processes the art of brothers figurine through complex and precise sculpture techniques.


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