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bronze brother and sister sculpture loving statue home decor

The mottled bronze surface gives us a taste of art in our sight. This love figurine shows the most simple family affection. On a stone seat, a handsome young man sits naked on it, his curly hair makes him more charming, he holds his little sister in both hands, She put it on her lap. The contrast between the two age groups is the relationship between siblings in a family. The surface of the love figurine has a glossy brown and yellow finish. The angle of the character or the dynamic freeze frame has a certain design. Can be used as decoration in the home.



Children’s bronze sculptures are highly decorative and practical, with special emphasis on the portrayal of facial expressions and body language of characters, and are often used to express sculptural concepts such as innocence, childishness, hope, and happiness. The design of children’s childlike bronze sculptures is often aimed at expressing innocence and hope, and most of the shapes are based on certain characteristics and details in life. There are also some children’s bronze sculptures with special shapes to depict children’s interest in order to express children’s expectations and expectations for the adult world. For the depiction of children’s childlike bronze sculptures, they are often carved with delicate carving techniques. The depiction of children’s facial labels is particularly delicate, and the grasp of posture is particularly unique.


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