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bronze beagle statue animal dog sculpture home decor

If a well-behaved beagle statue sits on your desk, it will bring you a lot of stability. Its whole body is tan and black, and its short hair is cast through the bronze. He squatted halfway on the ground, his tail naturally curled behind him. It feels pitiful. It raised its head as if looking at its master. The facial features such as the eyes are all exquisitely cast. Make you want to stroke the beagle statue from time to time.



The bronze beagle statue of the “Chinese Zodiac” is the penultimate position. It has been a good friend of people since ancient times. Therefore, the appearance of the bronze beagle statue has only increased people’s love for dogs. Dogs are what people call “six animals”. “One is to live in our lives. Because of the modern life, many living places are not very suitable for keeping dogs, so we will cast the bronze beagle statue according to the dog’s prototype and place it in our lives. In the community, the atmosphere can also be added. The appearance of the bronze beagle statue will reduce people’s breeding of dogs. If the bronze sculpture dog is placed in the community, the residents will have a great sense of security and make up for the inability to keep dogs. The dog’s shortcomings.


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