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bronze bathing beauty figurines lying girl statue table decorations

The sexy lady figurine brings freshness and impact to people’s vision. Ours is a very sexy lady figurine on the beach. The base is a rectangular marble base with a very retro dark red pattern. The Lady figurine’s whole body is plated with a layer of gold, and her skin is shiny. The Lady figurine wears a turquoise swimsuit, as well as small details on the belt. The Lady figurine sat on the ground with one hand on the ground and the other with a parasol on her shoulders, with a very comfortable expression. This bronze lady figurine makes our interior more comfortable.



Bronze lady figurine not only requires the statue to be very similar to the real person, but also to spread his spirit and spirit, but also to depict the character’s thoughts, demeanor, and demeanor, so as to more fully express the character’s spiritual realm, lifestyle and time. The combination of economic development and cultural heritage, the bronze lady figurine of the character created in this way is enough to inspire people’s longing and yearning. The modern character lady figurine is different from the historical figure bronze sculpture. The modern character lady figurine pays more attention to the The character’s spiritual realm, way of life, etc. The decorative plastic art with symbolic meaning is more convincing and deterrent, which is the value of copper lady figurine.


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