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Bronze art style fernando botero fat woman sculpture Home Decoration

Botero’s various artistic sculptures based on volumes have been well received, and it shows many thought-provoking connotations on another level. Our statuette, suitable as a collectible or an indoor tabletop gift, shows a fat naked woman stepping on a huge head, the woman’s head is the same shape as herself, the woman’s statuette has One hand on his hips, the other behind his head. The proportions of each part of the woman’s statuette’s body are just the right amount of symmetry. The gloss of the surface of the statuette is also worth watching. Every piece of work has a collection value.



The grandeur and heaviness of Fernando Botero’s round figures are most vividly expressed in his sculptures. The flat treatment of the surface of the image gave way to the sense of volume and form in the sculpture creation, reflecting his profound research on the masters of Renaissance art, such as Giotto, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Uccello. Botero began to create sculptures in the 1970s after forming his own unique style of painting in the early days, he once said poetically: “I have always wanted to express something with sculpture all my life, this is a very strong desire, The joy of touching the reality that I have created. To create a painting is to create an illusion, and to create a sculpture is to create a tactile reality. If I draw a knife, the knife is imaginary, but if I create a knife, the feeling of holding it in my hand is real – it is a spiritual object, and the process of creating it is also a perceptual experience, touching the work with both hands, a special joy arises spontaneously”


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