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Friend animal desktop gift collection bronze animal lying lion statuette

Each bronze animal lying lion statuette has its own different shapes and features, giving you different feelings, just like this bronze animal lying lion statuette, the oval base is black, which lays the foundation for this small statuette The noble temperament of a lion is lazy, lying on the ground with very natural paws. The bronze animal lying lion statuette is very meaningful. It can bring you a lot of good luck and protection. If you need a bronze animal lying lion statuette like this in your family, please come to us to cast all kinds of statuettes. Different types of small animals have their own different artistic characteristics, and your life is full of a colorful artistic atmosphere.



The lion is the most common auspicious beast in Chinese folk culture. It looks mighty, brave, and a symbol of power. Therefore, it is very popular. However, there are still people who use copper lions to promote luck. For the sake of housing comfort, improving aura, and deterring crab monsters, people like to invite a bronze animal lying lion statuette to go home and put it at home. Use it to ward off evil. Therefore, the feng shui effect of the bronze lion has been passed down from generation to generation. We invite the bronze lions to go home mostly for the purpose of warding off evil spirits in the house and prospering power. A bronze animal lying lion statuette is generally placed on a table, window sill, bookshelf, or cabinet facing the door. Pay attention to the placement can be high or not. In addition, we must also pay attention to the orientation of the placement. The lion is very fierce and has strong suffocation. In Feng Shui, use the bronze animal lying lion statuette to town the house and prevent evil spirits from entering the house. Of course, the lion head should be placed outside the house. Outside the window, a pair of copper lions can relax with ordinary evil spirits. Most of the lions are in a pair, and they should be placed in the right direction when they are placed. Male left and female right.


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