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bronze angel figurines collectibles boy angel statue Desktop decoration

Speaking of angel figurines collectibles, this classic Cupid bronze figurine is indispensable. This work has a clear neoclassical style in terms of light and color in terms of material and shape. Cupid, the god of love, is a handsome young man. He was half-kneeling naked on the ground, with small wings behind his back. Angel figurines collectibles have the unique gloss of bronze as a whole. Very suitable for bookshelf decorations, both classical style, and romantic characters.



The common misunderstanding of Eros is that Eros is a chubby child in appearance. Angel figurines collectibles also showed that in fact, the appearance of Eros was a beautiful boy at first, and the image of children originated from the Hellenistic era. But until ancient Rome, the beautiful boy version of Cupid still coexisted with the child version of Cupid. Angel figurines collectibles are an image of a handsome young man. In the ancient Roman era, Apuleius also described a love story between Cupid and Pike in “The Golden Donkey”. After many hardships, the two are finally together. Due to the open concept of ancient Greek society and the prevalence of masculine and child-prostitution, Eros is not only the god of love for men and women, but also the patron saint of love between men and men, between adult men and minor men. In addition, angel figurines collectibles Eros is also the patron saint of the soul, and his statues can be seen on some tombstones.


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