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Ancient Greek famous figure bronze Boxer at Rest brass statuette

The famous Boxer at Rest brass statuette in ancient Greece is not the heroic image we are used to seeing with a mighty victory. Instead, it shows a pathetic, injured boxer, taking a break from the game. There is also a patina treatment on the brass. This sculpture is in stock, with a height of 30 cm. We can customize this table decoration for you. Boxer at Rest brass statuette is very classic and famous. Boxer at Rest brass statuette depicts a broad-shouldered, long-armed boxer resting on a boulder just after an intense fight. Boxer at Rest brass statuette He was turning his head to pay attention: it might be the applause of the audience or the next opponent at the entrance. On his naked body, he only wears a pair of boxing gloves and a pair of sports suspender shorts, both for protection and for etiquette.



Obviously, Boxer at Rest brass statuette has just experienced a boxing match, because, in ancient Greek boxing, the head is the main target, so there are many wounds on the head, the blood is presented in bronze, along the forehead and runs down the cheeks and earlobes. His right eye was swollen and bruised, his nose was bruised, probably because his nostrils were blocked by dried blood, and he could only breathe through his mouth. There are also scars on the everted lips, and the teeth may have been crushed. Although he was a little tired after a brutal fight, his muscles were still tense, as if a battle-hardened champion was always ready to face a new fight. In ancient Greece, beast fighting and boxing were games of brutal slavery. The author depicts the full-body image of this boxing figure in detail. Boxer at Rest brass statuette shows a high degree of realism, the movement of the human body, and the protruding muscles. All conform to the anatomy of the human body, not only the external shape is real, but the internal mental state is also extremely vivid, full of humanity and life. The realism of the image enhances the dramatic atmosphere of the work, and Boxer at Rest brass statuette reflects the author’s sympathy and pity for the boxer.


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