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Famous volume abstract art tabletop gift botero bronze soldier statuette

botero bronze soldier statuette, everyone of us is very familiar with it, but each urea has its own characteristics. Its art style of beauty by volume has shown us a lot of the charm of the abstract art world. What this abstract botero bronze soldier statuette is showing is a naked Roman soldier, his whole body is very swollen, showing a lot of volume, right hand, common left hand, holding a shield, very eyes ahead, bright, botero bronze soldier statuette has a light brown surface and some shine in the sun. This small statue, in an indoor setting with a square base, is what makes you feel like abstract art, while many of Botero’s other works are also very popular. We can customize botero bronze soldier statuette for you to decorate your private environment.



Fernando botero is a renowned Colombian virtuoso whose botero bronze soldier statuette features sculptures and paintings of obese shapes. The men and women in his works almost have the same shape and appearance. However, different people have different understandings of “fat man” in Botero’s works. Botero had a persistent pursuit of artistic creation, and spent his life studying and traveling to many places. botero bronze soldier statuette of Fernando Botero is dominated by obese shapes, which is endowed with a rounded shape even in the process of still life creation. The picture effect is humorous and ironic, which is of high appreciation and reference value. Exaggerated shapes, fat bodies and almost uniform facial expressions, botero’s work is clearly not aesthetic in the traditional sense, but each botero bronze soldier statuette created by him is attracting people’s attention and playing its existential value.


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