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Bear Statue Bronze European Wildlife Animal Figurine Home Desktop Decor

Maybe you haven’t been to the big forest, but you only know the cuteness or some ferocious gestures of some large animals from fairy tales and TV. Our sculptors will show you the most three-dimensional images and give you the most authentic experience just like us This bronze cast statuette is cast in the posture of a bear. Its entire limbs are floating on the ground. The hair on its body is mottled and every strand of hair seems to be lifelike. He opened his mouth wide and his eyes were very sharp. Looking forward, we can see its vividness and power through the screen, and this sculpture can be an interesting decoration for many desktops. We have more different features and actions of bears, some cute ones will be very popular with children, and each bear figurine is specially customized for you.



On the basis of inheriting the traditional copper casting art, contemporary cast bronze statuettes have absorbed richer artistic elements. Through continuous innovation in technology, they have undergone fundamental changes in artistic concept, expression theme and art form, and have become a manifestation of art. The spiritual and cultural life of the people is an important cultural carrier and cultural symbol that carries the spirit of the times. Our company mainly casts bronze animal statuettes, bronze lions, bronze unicorns, bronze bulls, bronze horses, bronze deer, bronze elephants, etc. Our products are exquisite in workmanship, vivid in shape, solid in copper and guaranteed in quality. The production process of cast copper figurines is relatively complicated, so its cost is relatively high compared to other materials, but due to its good restoration of artistic creation, it can become a material for fine works; and cast copper figurines are not only hard and durable Corrosion and can be stored for a long time.


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