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art decor bronze girl and fish figurines home decoration

The fish swims freely in the water. When combined with the fish and many beautiful images, the tidying up becomes a story. The fish figurines show a fierce big fish with sharp teeth like gears, and its body is still There are many ancient patterns. Its fins are supported on the ground, and its big tail is raised in the air. There is a beautiful woman on her back. The beauty has scattered hair. Looking at the rear in panic, fish figurines show a heavy rain band. Figures depicting the escape of beautiful women.



Bronze fish figurines are one of the most common materials in animal sculptures. In traditional Chinese culture, fish represents celebration and prosperity. People often use bronze fish figurines to express their good wishes. During the Chinese New Year every year, the ancient people used food as the sky, No matter rich or poor, there will be fish on New Year’s Eve dinner, which means that after a year of labor, there will be surplus food, and it also symbolizes the simple thoughts of ancient laborers. Bronze fish figurines animal sculptures are also divided into many types, and different types represent different meanings. Common bronze fish sculptures include carp, goldfish, silver carp, Arowana, and other types as prototypes. Different types of bronze fish Sculptures have different meanings. Regarding the vivid image of storytelling sculptures like fish figurines, not only the casting of each part of the image needs to be vivid, but also the continuity of the story between several objects.


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