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art decor bronze easter bunny figurines rabbit statue table decoration

The warm and lovely figurines on the table will also make people’s hearts warm. The easter bunny figurines give people a lot of love. The small sculptures depict the bunny mother and bunny children standing on a lawn. There is a hint of shyness. Embracing mother’s legs with both hands. He looked up at his mother with a smile. And bunny mother is lovingly holding a basket. They have to find other people for sweets at Easter. Such cute easter bunny figurines make people smile.



In the West, easter bunny figurines are a symbol of new life and prosperity. Together with easter eggs, easter bunny figurines are called the mascots of Easter. Traditionally, both hares and bunnies are considered extremely prolific animals. Therefore, in many ancient cultures, they are often closely associated with women, reproduction, fertility, the moon, and its trajectory. They are also often regarded as signs of the earth’s rejuvenation. The custom of the Easter bunny originated from a young hare from a long distance. Some people generally traced it back to the pre-Christian rites of prayer, and some even directly contacted the Anglo-Saxon god Eostre. together. Many people think that she may be a goddess related to dawn, spring, rebirth, and fertility, and she is inextricably linked to the hare. With the spread of Christianity, these pagan festival customs were also absorbed by Easter, while retaining some of the ancient traditions to welcome the coming of spring. easter bunny figurines have become a very popular gift and decoration in the west.


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