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Art decor antique brass figures Archery sculpture

This woman statuette who is shooting arrows is made of bronze, and with some color rendering, it is more three-dimensional and interesting. This is a Greek goddess, which evolved from those elements. The costume casting of this woman has some tribal characteristics. A skirt with half of the shoulders exposed. The long scarf around the waist is yellow, a touch of freshness in the dark bronze. The woman held the bow straight with her left arm. The right hand is in an archery position. The statuette shows that women are equally powerful and have a retro mythology. A unique design is the long yellow scarf that also acts as a support for this statuette figure.



After the Hippo War, ancient Greek sculpture entered the most prosperous classical period. In this new era of the awakening of rational consciousness, Greek sculpture, with its very distinctive personality and innovative consciousness, began to create art in the true sense. Sculptures of this period are no longer used as sacrifices in large quantities as in the primitive period, nor are they ruled by the Pope Church in the Middle Ages, but developed into expressions about human deeds, people-oriented, to express human success, failure, joy, and sorrow. Affection. Human sculpture art became the dominant form of art in the classical period. The praise of the human body is the most outstanding achievement in the artistic works of this period.


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