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art bronze horse statues for sale animal sculpture home decor

The horse statues for sale symbolizes freedom and smoothness. There is base support below. The whole horse statuette is lifelike. Its limbs are developed and the muscles of the whole body are exquisitely cast. The surface of the horse statues for sale is made of bronze in two colors and black. The color of the main body and the raised part is brightened with gold, which makes the image of the whole horse more three-dimensional and vivid. The look of the horse is also portrayed in detail. The horse statuette can be placed in offices, studies and other places, which has a very good meaning.



The horse statues for sale are in a superb mood, vigorous and unrestrained, the horse is well-proportioned, the muscles and bones are carved vividly, and the shape is simple and passionate. The horse statues for sale have a smooth surface and a thick body with horseshoes volleyed up. The body is running forward, majestic and domineering, reaching a high level of art. The horse has his head up, his eyes firm and confident. The horseshoe is strong and strong, ready to go, riding a thousand miles. In the West, a reflection of horse statues for sale culture is chivalry, which symbolizes chivalry and morality. It is the noble cultural spirit of the upper class. It is the moral and personality spirit based on the superiority of personal identity, but it also accumulates. Some positive factors of the ancient martial arts spirit of the Western European nations. Inherited to the present, it represents a gentleman’s demeanor and elegance.


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