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Vintage style custom cast figure in bronze archangel Michael table statuette

There are many types of angels in the West, and each angel has his or her own duties. Our archangel Michael table statuette is not only suitable for angels, but also for famous figures in religions. The archangel Michael table statuette shows the brave image of a legendary warrior. He spreads his huge wings, holds the dragon’s body in his left hand, and thrusts the dragon with his right hand with a long sword. His whole body is displayed in his facial features. Every detail and expression are cast lifelike, and its surface adopts the artistic style of bronze, bronze and green, which makes the overall atmosphere appear very retro. archangel Michael table statuette is very suitable for some modern families and will show different styles.



In Christian paintings and sculptures, archangel Michael table statuette often shows the image of a teenager who fights or stands on dragons or demons with swords or spears. In religious paintings and sculptures on the theme of Michael, Michael often carries a scale in addition to a weapon. On the one hand, this is because Michael is seen as the angel of death, who comes before people die, giving each soul a last chance to atone for their SINS before they leave this world, scaring off the demons who target them, and bringing the redeemed soul to heaven. archangel Michael table statuette Archangel Michael table Statuette Archangel Michael table Statuette holds the sword in one hand, the back wings around the chest. archangel Michael table statuette made a version of the design of a female angel because there is no gender of angels, and you can see the details of a wisp of braids.


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