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Antique Little Kids Figurines Children Bedroom Decoration Birthday Gift

What a vivid existence of children, our original intention of casting these children’s statuettes is to bring happiness to people, and it has a very good meaning and function. On the base of the stone, the little boy and the little girl played with their shoulders on their backs, with strips of cloth wrapped around their waists. Two young children, statuette, made us reminisce about our own childhood and resonated with us. The surface of the bronze statuette also has a retro luster. We can customize the child bronze statuette for you according to your favorite characters or your own characters. Hope you will notice the refinement of our casting process.



Children’s sculpture is a major section of the modern sculpture industry. It has a wide range of applications. Children are innocent and full of sunshine. They are the flowers of the motherland, and they are newborn blind thoughts that give people hope and longing. Therefore, the design of children’s sculptures is often based on the expression of innocence and hope, and most of the modeling aspects are based on certain characteristics and details in life. There are also some children’s sculptures depicting children’s interest in special shapes in order to express children’s expectations and expectations for the adult world, to express a certain profound theme, and to touch people’s hearts. Children’s sculptures are suitable for a variety of industries and are divided according to the theme ideas expressed by the sculptures. Some children’s sculptures are based on the theme of children’s interest, expressing a kind of fun and an optimistic attitude; some are for artistic expression. The appealing expression of, there are also sculptural applications adorned with children.


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