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Animal family desktop bookshelf decoration new design animal lion family statuette bronze statuette

It is an animal lion family statuette about a mother’s love. There is a very delicate base on the animal lion family statuette. Above is the picture of the lion family holding the ground. The lioness is holding a cub on the ground and the other cub The lion is playing on the mother’s back, and the male lion is protecting his family. When we see this animal lion family statuette, we will feel that there is a lot of love among animals, and family is so precious. The animal lion family statuette can be used as a bookshelf or a desktop decoration.



Each animal lion family statuette has its own meaning. Just like the animal lion family statuette, it represents a mother’s love. There is a famous saying in ancient times, “A mother’s love is nothing in return, what is more in life!” It fully expresses the greatness of a mother’s mother’s love, and now it also reflects the determination of children to honor their parents. There is another explanation because the image itself also has a meaning of “peace”. If you give it to someone, you will give it to someone with peace, that is, peace is a blessing. Another example is some animal lion family statuette, the lion is the king of beasts, which means peace and security. In addition, it is also a symbol of power and dignity. Bronze lion is one of the most common animal sculpture ornaments in our life. It has a very wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, the shapes of animal lion family statuettes that are common in our lives are also very diverse. Cast in pure brass.


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