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Animal bronze statuette bear vivid scene art ornament

Each animal has its own lovely side and its own meaning of existence. Our animal bronze statuette bear, which is suitable for tabletop decoration, shows a very fierce bear, maybe you can see it in the zoo, and this one can be put on your desktop some bookshelves or, The living room and other places also show the vitality of the animals. The PAWS of this bear are pale yellow, the body of the animal bronze statuette bear is brown fur, and the features of its face are carved and cast very exquisite. Its wide mouth is open as if it were Shouting ferocously. This bear brings a lot of animal energy to us. animal bronze statuette bear can be used as a gift for your friends in some urban country style.



The subject matter of animal sculpture is very wide, with hundreds of animals. In the street or in the indoor we see these animal sculptures are not only a decorative object, in fact, he has many functions. For example, bronze horse, bronze lion, bronze unicorn and so on, these animal bronze statuette bear have a good meaning, so they are loved by people. animal bronze statuette bear Animal bronze statuette bear is one of the types of artistic modeling. Basically, as long as we walk in the streets and alleys, we will see a variety of modeling cast copper animal sculptures. animal bronze statuette bear image is rich, a large number of lion, unicorn, dragon turtle, cow, horse and other different animal image. Sculpture technique image realistic, vivid. Bronze animal sculpture is not only a kind of decoration, but also a symbol of beauty, so it is widely loved by people.


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