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Memorial Roman scholars custom carving outdoor ancient portrait marble bust

In the long river of history, people who have contributed to mankind in various fields are worth remembering. Ancient portrait marble is a very direct and three-dimensional way. This ancient portrait marble of ours shows the image of a scholar, with a cylindrical shape. The base can be very stable in your garden or hall. The upper body of the character, the head of the character is carved and customized, the wrinkles on the forehead, and the big beard. Every small detail is very delicately carved. The facial features of ancient portrait marble are three-dimensional, and we can feel the atmosphere of ancient scholars. This ancient portrait marble and even more figures can be carved and customized.



The art of the European classical period was a new art form produced after extreme poverty, which had a profound impact on the development of the entire Western art in the future. The artist’s own “form and spirit” is reflected in ancient portrait marble in many ways, which is influenced by the artist’s unique aesthetic value orientation. This display of the “form and spirit” of the creative subject may be the artist’s unique method of researching and expressing objects or a special angle; it may be the artist’s accustomed unique shaping language, or personalized body language; A customary aesthetic conception. In the classical period, ancient portrait marble also achieved high artistic achievements. In addition, ancient Rome was heavily influenced by Greece in art but still maintained its own characteristics. Especially in ancient portrait marble, they pay more attention to objective objects and pursue individuality rather than Greek idealization.


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