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african american copper human figurines metal art decorative

Power was very important in the ancient Greek era, showing people’s pursuit of power beyond their imagination. The sculptors of that era were also full of the pursuit of this powerful element. Every statue they knew was very plump. Showing the muscles of men and the plumpness of women, just like this figurine, it has spread to modern times and is also very popular. This figurine shows a young man with naked muscles on his chest, pulling out his hands Dao looked into the air, and there was a haystack beside him. This was a man in a tribe. It was like looking up at himself, the most ideal role model. He looked forward to the moment when he stood in the highest position and showed his strength. . Each figurine of young people has a certain vitality and meaning, which is very suitable for everyone. As a gift for your friends, these souvenirs are works of art that we can customize for you.



Greek mythology figurines are the most systematic myths in the world and have the greatest impact on human civilization. It has a complete and grand system, rich and beautiful stories, profound meanings and far-reaching influences. It is a shortcut for us to directly understand and understand the source of Western civilization. Greek mythology has had a comprehensive and profound impact on the religion, philosophy, thought, customs, natural science, literature and art of the entire West and even human beings, and has long been an inseparable part of the entire Western culture. Therefore, the ancient Greek myths and legends have become the source of the ancient Greek god statuette art, and the goddess statuette art has been developed rapidly. The Greeks’ consciousness of God in ancient times actually originated from the human’s understanding of nature in the barbaric period. It was the product of the ancient Greeks’ understanding and understanding of nature and the surrounding society by means of imagination in the period of low productivity development.


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