Aongking Handmade Statuette

Abstract Woman Statue European style bronze woman sitting on bench art figurines

This statuette shows a naked woman sitting on a bench in the park very quietly, sitting on it and looking forward, as if thinking about life. We can see this statuette, the most The main feature is that each part of the abstract human body has a basic outline. But it gives us infinite reverie, what is he meditating on, in fact, this small statue will make people quiet, so this small statue also brings us a lot of thought while abstract art, it is very suitable for some modern Art gallery atmosphere and table placement.



Abstract bronze statuette is the main form of expression in environmental art today, and it is also the most closely integrated art form with environmental design and architectural design. Therefore, its research and exploration are of great importance to the development of our environmental art. significance. Abstract copper figurines do not refer to specific images, but often go beyond the realm of reality. In terms of artistic creation, the limitations of specific images are less, and there are more possibilities for artistic expression. No matter the choice of theme, the choice of figurine material, and the size of the space scale have been released to the greatest extent. Different angles produce different spatial changes. This viewing method also shortens the psychological distance with the public, allowing the public to have a way of communication and dialogue with the figurines.


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