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Abstract Relief Figurine Peacock Wall Bronze Sculpture Library Wall Art Decor Metal Crafts

This bronze cast figurine is a cast bust of a woman with only the head covered, a very distinctive ethnic minority crown and a turban around the neck. It has a diamond-like forehead on the top of its head. A symbol of your status, the three feathers on the head are also very beautiful, decorating the fragrance of the whole head, this figurine can be used for wall decoration, we will customize it for you and install it in each style of modern furniture , this ethnic minority can make you have a distinct sense of contrast and make the whole life more tasteful.



Figure figurines as an extension of body politics. Ancient Greek architecture was more of a public building, temples, town council squares, and theaters—places where the public gathered. The figurines of mythical figures are historical figures containing myths that have been circulated in China or some Western countries since ancient times or recorded in classics and historical books. Mythological figures express the ancients’ understanding and imagination of supernatural and virtual cultural phenomena. Most of the mythological figures in the East are immortals and immortals; while the small statues of the mythological figures in the West are mostly Zeus, Athena, Apollo, and so on in Greek stories and legends. Greek mythology is one of the most splendid components of European culture, so the characters of Greek mythology also have their own special charm.


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