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Abstract Man Head Statue Bronze Man Bust Figurines Metal Art Collection

The art festivals are all connected, like a very civilized sculpture from ancient times to the present. We can use many kinds of materials and many ways to innovate those sculptors in order to adapt to the many changes of the times, and design new sculptures for them. The characteristic is like the bust of this ancient young man. On the black base, the long face, the big ears, the long bridge of the nose, and the smallmouth all turn that famous work into a miniature version. , this figurine can be customized in size for your needs, and it can decorate your interior very elegantly.



Abstract bronze figurines refer to bronze sculptures of abstract geometric images with certain symbolic meanings. Small figurines are more and more widely used in modern interiors, especially in some art museums. Such bronze sculptures often express certain symbolic meanings with their unique shapes and abstract forms. The figurine mainly expresses its symbolic meaning through two methods, one is to simplify, generalize or strengthen the objective form. The second is the abstraction of geometric shapes, which are combined using abstract symbols such as points, lines, surfaces, and blocks. The application of abstract bronze sculptures in the interior does not give people a direct feeling like the figurative bronze statuettes, but mostly uses simple and abstract shapes to stimulate people’s infinite imagination of beauty. Therefore, abstract bronze sculptures are often more subtle and general. It has a strong visual impact and modern meaning.


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