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Abstract Leopard Statue Bronze Panther Figurine Wildlife Cheetah Animal Home Decor

Our sculptors have put a lot of thought into making an exquisite collection or gift for you. You can also understand the fusion and dispersion of art from this figurine, just like animals and modern art in ancient art The combination of Chinese abstraction, the long black base of this figurine is a leopard stretching its waist, its body is very abstract, with smooth lines and artistic atmosphere. The hind legs are half squatting, the two front legs are supporting him, and he is looking very neatly in front of the naughty little tail, which adds a touch of vitality to this figurine. The figurine has a light brown finish but still has a glossy finish, making it a perfect gift for a friend. Animals are a popular subject that everyone will choose.



It means that the Queen Mother of the West looks like a human, with a leopard tail and tiger teeth, roaring and whistling with a voice like a beast, and her loose hair resembles the eye-catching feather crest on the head of an unlucky hoopoe. The god of death and torture lives in the Kunlun Mountains. With the development of society, bronze statuettes also have their own style, not only inheriting the art of history, but also making great breakthroughs in modeling, and ornamentation has become more and more exquisite and beautiful. Statue animals have different characteristics and artistry. These animal figurines with unique cultural flavors have undergone a transformation in a long process. It seems that the high-walled and secluded room of the training museum can’t cover its mighty spirit, and the statuette has achieved a vivid and harmonious artistic effect.


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