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Openwork art figures religious custom bronze abstract buddha h30cm statuette

Hollow art can be applied not only in large-scale stainless steel sculptures, but also in some very small artworks. Our abstract buddha h30cm statuette adopts a very novel idea. This statue of Buddha is a man with his hands folded and sitting with his hands on his legs. The abstract buddha h30cm statuette is made of bronze material. It shows a shape of the body from every Angle, but it has a hollow heart, which may tell some people some very enlightening implications. This abstract buddha h30cm statuette can be used as a decoration for your own personal space, for you to pray to find your own inner direction.



abstract buddha h30cm statuette belongs to a kind of bronze sculpture, among which the bronze Buddha is the oldest one, which has deep religious significance. Bronze Buddha statues have always been loved by people. Both temples and collectors fully embody the value of bronze Buddha statues. Bronze buddha statue is the most complete and religious bronze sculpture handicraft since ancient times, and it is a special kind of human body art. A successful abstract buddha h30cm statuette handicraft can fully demonstrate the spatial scale and make full use of the surrounding light and structural sound to reflect the bronze Buddha handicraft. Bronze Buddha art mainly reflects the beauty of shape, texture and decoration, mostly used to express the mysterious and threatening religious themes. abstract buddha h30cm statuette’s Buddhist culture and people’s support behind the artworks, as well as some of the other legendary stories behind these artworks, give this type of artwork its own unique charm.


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