Aongking Handmade Statuette


Animals are our best companions, and in a huge part of the world, our artists also use animals as elements of their creations. Our animal figurine is cast in bronze. With many uses and artistic features, the abstract animal figurine first reflects the strong atmosphere of art from the appearance and is a modern style artwork composed of geometric lines. There are also those figurative animal figurines. We have to sigh that the shape and facial features can be carved so delicately with very small artworks. The demeanor and movements of each animal are vivid, and the surface of the animal figurine has different textures. , the mottled texture is more viciously retro, and there is a polished bronze animal figurine with a glossy brown finish. Every moment of the affection or dynamic between animals is framed by an animal figurine. These animal figurines can be used as gifts for you, very stylish to put anywhere in your home or company or to commemorate your own pets, there are many uses waiting for you to discover.

  • Laziness and freedom fill the entire figurine. The main body of this figurine is a resting leopard. Its tail is naturally bent into a circle. His body is also composed of abstract lines, and his neck is bent to look behind him. This scene has some aesthetics. This is another feature of animals, but our sculptor applied abstract elements to this one. In the animal statuette, this leopard seems to have the vitality of life, as if it has entered the home life of modern people
  • Our sculptors have put a lot of thought into making an exquisite collection or gift for you. You can also understand the fusion and dispersion of art from this figurine, just like animals and modern art in ancient art The combination of Chinese abstraction, the long black base of this figurine is a leopard stretching its waist, its body is very abstract, with smooth lines and artistic atmosphere. The hind legs are half squatting, the two front legs are supporting him, and he is looking very neatly in front of the naughty little tail, which adds a touch of vitality to this figurine. The figurine has a light brown finish but still has a glossy finish, making it a perfect gift for a friend. Animals are a popular subject that everyone will choose.
  • Each country and nation has its own beliefs and feng shui protection, our lion from ancient Greece small home decor items animal statuette, has its own characteristics, its fur is like fish scales carved and cast in bronze, home decor items animal statuette's beard and facial features remind us of some ancient armor and shield on the lion carved head design, This lion half-crouched with two front paws supports the entire body, its surface has been treated with patina to appear to have some cyan art, home decor items animal statuette The overall metal color is not heavy, but it has some collection value in the whole environment, its whole lion can guard our home, it is suitable for placing on some tabletops, it also has a very good meaning, it also has a special attention to these can be customized for you.
  • The goal for oneself in life is to observe intently, wait for the opportunity, stand up when it is time to seize the opportunity, and create your own victory is like the life inspiration brought to everyone by this leopard statuette, this leopard Xiaojiao waited for the opportunity to move towards the whole posture, her 4 claws were very firmly grasping the ground, her tail was also prostrate and ready to move forward, the surface of this statuette exudes a bronze, brown luster, every piece of The muscles are very realistic, as well as the eyes of the leopard, as well as the nose, every little detail is cast to make this figurine seem to be alive, this figurine is suitable for many gifts to the boss or to give. A blessing and encouragement from a friend
  • Each horse posture is a small sculpture designed by different designers, with different ideas and meanings. Now our horse posture is cast in bronze, and its surface is plated with a layer of very bright gold, which is very gorgeous. Just like the statuette horse bronze decor in a palace, our statuette horse bronze decor is standing up, its tail is like a stone pillar supporting the base, and it has two curved hind legs, The two curved front legs are suspended in the air, and the horse is roaring in the air. The design is very wonderful. Both the muscles and the features of the horse are exquisitely cast and lifelike, showing the freedom and vitality of an animal. The statuette horse bronze decor weighs 1.72kg and is 14.3ft tall and 12.2ft wide, making it a perfect fit for your desktop. statuette horse bronze decor gives you great guardianship and positive power.
  • The very warm Christmas deer figurines have attracted the attention of many people. This is really a big gathering of animals. An exquisite small sculpture shows Deer lying gracefully on the ground. Lifting his head is looking at the Christmas lights in the sky. The beautiful antlers are beautifully carved by bronze, making them more textured and retro. On Deer's back, a little squirrel, little fox, and little owl stood close together like a line. Every little animal comes to participate in the warm Christmas, don't you still bring Christmas deer figurines home for the holidays?
  • Each animal has its own lovely side and its own meaning of existence. Our animal bronze statuette bear, which is suitable for tabletop decoration, shows a very fierce bear, maybe you can see it in the zoo, and this one can be put on your desktop some bookshelves or, The living room and other places also show the vitality of the animals. The PAWS of this bear are pale yellow, the body of the animal bronze statuette bear is brown fur, and the features of its face are carved and cast very exquisite. Its wide mouth is open as if it were Shouting ferocously. This bear brings a lot of animal energy to us. animal bronze statuette bear can be used as a gift for your friends in some urban country style.
  • From monkeys to gorillas and apes, each of them is inseparable from us humans, so we also have a lot of good feelings for gorillas, from the ancient cartoon ape Tarzan to our impression of the gorilla with both hands, beating their chests, such a funny and mighty image left an indelible impression on us, and our sculptors can also create a bronze house interior design statuette based on this image, which is also very interesting and lifelike, This gorilla house interior design statuette sits on the ground with two hands supporting the ground, her facial features are cast very finely, her body is dry and mottled like tree bark, showing another surface treatment feature of bronze, and this feature creates a lot of high-class atmosphere for the whole house interior design statuette.
  • It is an animal lion family statuette about a mother's love. There is a very delicate base on the animal lion family statuette. Above is the picture of the lion family holding the ground. The lioness is holding a cub on the ground and the other cub The lion is playing on the mother's back, and the male lion is protecting his family. When we see this animal lion family statuette, we will feel that there is a lot of love among animals, and family is so precious. The animal lion family statuette can be used as a bookshelf or a desktop decoration.
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