Aongking Handmade Statuette


Animals are our best companions, and in a huge part of the world, our artists also use animals as elements of their creations. Our animal figurine is cast in bronze. With many uses and artistic features, the abstract animal figurine first reflects the strong atmosphere of art from the appearance and is a modern style artwork composed of geometric lines. There are also those figurative animal figurines. We have to sigh that the shape and facial features can be carved so delicately with very small artworks. The demeanor and movements of each animal are vivid, and the surface of the animal figurine has different textures. , the mottled texture is more viciously retro, and there is a polished bronze animal figurine with a glossy brown finish. Every moment of the affection or dynamic between animals is framed by an animal figurine. These animal figurines can be used as gifts for you, very stylish to put anywhere in your home or company or to commemorate your own pets, there are many uses waiting for you to discover.

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