Aongking Handmade Statuette


On the basis of the figurative substance of things, our artists have extended another abstract expression technique and formed another style besides Modernism. Our abstract figurine will give people a strong artistic atmosphere on the outside. In the eyes of different people, it is the embodiment of various shapes from different angles. Abstract figurine geometrical sizes the shape of common sculptures, which is the construction of things. New explorations of sexuality and structure. These abstract figurines not only have the appearance of art but also imprison the soul of the object inside, complement each other and condense into a complete form in the eyes. Plants, figures, or geometric lines are the treasure house and source of abstract figurine creation. Those large-scale abstract bronze sculptures occupy an important position in modern public art. Our abstract figurine enters people’s art galleries and modern-style interiors, which also brings people endless fun and thinking. Here we have abstract figurines in the style of modern famous writers such as Botero and Moore. There are many options for table decoration, gifts, and even collections.

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