Aongking Handmade Statuette


Santa Rosa is the playground of Charles Schultz, and there are more than 70 statues of Peanuts characters in town. Every Peanuts statuette we cast today is also a tribute to the creator of the “Peanuts” comics. The Peanuts statuette series has many cartoon characters we know well, each of which is a miniature version of the sculptures that exist in the garden, These Peanuts statuettes are cast in bronze, the image of each character is very classic, and there is a very cute image of Snoopy. With a big head, various actions and scenes have a solid base. The surface of the Peanuts statuette is polished very bright. Old-fashioned metallic, understated, and premium. I believe that every Peanuts statuette will be loved by children. These Peanut statuettes are used as interior decorations and are also a display of childlike interest. In addition to these Peanuts statuettes, our sculptors can also cast many classic figures to evoke those childhood memories for you.

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