Aongking Handmade Statuette


In every event or competition, those glittering Award statuettes are a reward and recognition for the winners and an incentive for the losers. The themes of different competitions are different, we can customize the relevant Award statuette for you, which is made of bronze and has more weight and texture. A ballet dancer’s Award statuette can be the dream of many dancers, or a custom bronze trophy is polished by a craftsman. The surface of the trophy is smooth and crystal clear, like a treasure. . Both have different meanings. The award statuette is a “witness” to the highlights of life. The Award statuette seems to be a bronze handicraft, but in fact, there is a story behind each Award statuette. You must know that the Award statuette with such significance can only complement the glory moment of the honoree only with products of superior quality. Our casting process can give you complete confidence. Under the casting and polishing of the craftsman, the Award statuette has a smooth surface with different textures, like a treasure.

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